Steve Keim likes seeing DeAndre Hopkins recruiting J.J. Watt


The Cardinals made a big splash last offseason when they traded for wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and Hopkins has been trying to help put another splash in motion this year.

Hopkins reached out to his former Texans teammate J.J. Watt on social media to pitch him on the idea of joining forces again in Arizona. During an appearance on Arizona Sports 98.7 on Friday, Cardinals General Manager was asked about Hopkins helping recruit players and the prospect of the Cardinals making a strong play for Watt.

Keim avoided a deep answer to the latter question, but sounded happy about having a player like Hopkins around to woo others to the desert.

“I don’t want to get into details, but as you know, if there’s an opportunity that makes sense from both the football side and the business side, we’ll certainly take a swing,” Keim said. “It’s fun to see your players get involved. Obviously Hop’s a guy I got a great deal of respect for, not just as a player but obviously the addition of him has certainly improved our recruiting game.”

The Cardinals have some cap space to work with and could create more by extending Chandler Jones or making other moves, but it’s unclear at this point if Watt shared his old teammate’s feelings.